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The Book of Nightmares
Beginning and Ending
This is a story I wrote for a creative writing class I took a while ago. I don't even remember where the original kernel came from anymore. I intend to rewrite and expand the story for sale, so I think posting the whole of ver.1 here isn't a bad idea.

behind a cut so not to mess with people's friends pages.
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I've been taking a bit of a break from WoW, but I did get to try inscription and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. Some of the minor inscriptions aren't that great but beyond that it's really good.
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Now that the Tea Fire is getting more attention, I thought I'd let everybody know that I'm alright and in no danger.

Tea Fire:
3000 acres burned
100+ houses burned and 5400 homes evacuated
no deaths reported
~10 people hospitalized with smoke inhalation and burns
google map of fire area
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this past spring I took a playwriting class at SBCC.
here are the fruits of my labor.

second chances
mirror, mirror

they're are all DOC files, so you'll need word or something that open DOC files to read them.
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I got nudged so here's a post:


To all my Russian/Eastern European friends: I don't know how I managed to attract you all, but you're all great people. Even though I really know nothing about you, I can tell from all of your posts that you guys (and girls) are great people.

that sounds weird, doesn't it?

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my birthday was last Thursday, I have now reached to vaunted quarter century mark.
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Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.
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In comparison to have my life normally is, the past 12 months have been pretty eventful.

In august last year I was in LA for Federal jury duty. I ended up not having to serve, I was excused because I was enrolled in school, but to get to that point, I spent two weeks riding the train back and forth from SB and La and sitting in uncomfortable seats for most of each day.

During the spring semester, I was hired as a TA for the CAD I class. I think I did a good job and the students I was helping seemed to think so too.

And three weeks ago, I had my lower two wisdom teeth taken out. I had it done on a Friday, so that I could have the weekend to recover. The doctor who did my surgery said it usually takes between 3 days and a week for people to recover. Well, apparently I'm special because I was walking around within 3 hours of arriving home after surgery and I had no pain at all just a bit of swelling.

The Federal Jury Duty and dental surgery were good experiences for me but I'd be perfectly happy if they didn't happen again.

Right now, the Zaca lake fire is dropping ash on everything. Now it's all a nice gray color and the smoke is changing the sunlight to red and orange.
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In courts of law, the phrase "I believe" has no standing.
Never a witness gives testimony but that he cautioned thus:
"Tell us what you know, not what you believe."

In theology, belief has always been regarded as more
important than that which your sense say is so.

Almost with exception, "belief" is a legacy, an importation
-something borrowed, an echo, and often an echo of an echo.

The Creed of the Future will begin, "I know," not, "I believe."
And this creed will not be forced upon the people.

It will carry with is no coercion, no blackmail, no promise of
an eternal life of idleness and leisure if you accept it, and
no threat of hell if you don't.

It will have not paid, professional priesthood, claiming
honors, rebates and exemptions, nor will it hold estates free
from taxation. It will not organize itself into a system,
marry itself to the State, and call on the police for support.
It will be so reasonable, so in the line of self-preservation,
that no sane man or woman will reject it, and when we really
begin to live it we will cease to talk about it.
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-Elbert Hubbard
(taken from the Foreword of "An American Bible.")

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My family has a law, called The Ohio Connection, that basically states that everything, everywhere has some kind of connection to Ohio.  Kinda like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
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