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The 'year' in review - The Book of Nightmares
Beginning and Ending
The 'year' in review
In comparison to have my life normally is, the past 12 months have been pretty eventful.

In august last year I was in LA for Federal jury duty. I ended up not having to serve, I was excused because I was enrolled in school, but to get to that point, I spent two weeks riding the train back and forth from SB and La and sitting in uncomfortable seats for most of each day.

During the spring semester, I was hired as a TA for the CAD I class. I think I did a good job and the students I was helping seemed to think so too.

And three weeks ago, I had my lower two wisdom teeth taken out. I had it done on a Friday, so that I could have the weekend to recover. The doctor who did my surgery said it usually takes between 3 days and a week for people to recover. Well, apparently I'm special because I was walking around within 3 hours of arriving home after surgery and I had no pain at all just a bit of swelling.

The Federal Jury Duty and dental surgery were good experiences for me but I'd be perfectly happy if they didn't happen again.

Right now, the Zaca lake fire is dropping ash on everything. Now it's all a nice gray color and the smoke is changing the sunlight to red and orange.
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